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Events & Games / Re: Weekly Instance Cleanup Event
« Last post by gbwhatsappapk on Oct 23, 2018, 02:47 PM »
Sorry for what is probably a newby question, but what exactly are duals in this context?
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: [Official Thread] Anime & Manga Enthusiasts
« Last post by myanime002 on Oct 23, 2018, 06:25 AM »

Entertaining little reality: In the beginning time of improvement, we chose for the server's name to be 'TitanRO', named after the anime 'Assault of Titan' however we needed to change designs because of the name as of now being taken by another server previously, that is the way CorgiRO was conceived! ;)
Guild Recruitment / Re: Tea Party Debauchery
« Last post by qwer on Sep 24, 2018, 10:45 AM »
Are you guys still active in the server?

Just joined today, looking to make new friends. ;)
News & Announcements / Mid-September Update! (9/14)
« Last post by Corgers on Sep 14, 2018, 10:48 AM »

Helps us grow with your feedback!
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Hey CorgiRO fans! We've been working on a number of updates and bugfixes. You may have noticed some of them - including NPC updates to Prontera and the newly released Taekwon/Soul Linker/Star Gladiator Valhalla item (we are currently updating the client-side sprite for that)! We will also be releasing a new and improved Multi-Class Master in a few days.

NEW Technicolor Cloak!

Additionally, the War of Emperium timing has been updated to a timezone that we believe will promote activity from international regions, including Russia and the Philippines. WoE will now occur a few hours hourly on Saturdays, at the following:

11:00 AM Server Time (EST) | 23:00 Philippines Time (PH) | 18:00 Moscow Time (RU).

Now get out there and sharpen your swords (and paws)! Please stay tuned for additional updates!

Changelog - September 14, 2018
  • War of Emperium time has been updated to 11:00 AM Server Time on Saturday!
  • Internally testing updated Multi-Class Master to prevent the possibility of skill point loss!
  • New Technicolor Cloak item, obtainable from the Valhalla Arena NPCs by the Taekwon/Soul Linker/Star Gladiator classes.
  • Updated Valhalla Weapon NPC to accurately recognize Taekwon/Soul Linker/Star Gladiator classes.
  • Updated sprite for the Troublemaker (now Trickster) NPC!
  • Based on player feedback, moved Smile Assistance and Guide NPCs in Prontera.
  • Based on player feedback, Valhalla NPC crafting restrictions on weapons have been removed! Each player can now craft multiple Valhalla weapons (previously capped at 1).
  • Resolved an issue where Runestaff and Elder Tome were being mismatched.
  • Added Hunter's Bow to Super Tool Dealer.
  • Added 5 different Shurikens to Super Tool Dealer for Ninja classes.
  • Gryphon monster's attack damage has been halved, due to appearance on the Main Quest.
  • Reduced zeny and item requirements on multiple Doram item quests.
  • Doram weapons have their bonuses improved!
  • Added Repair Box (10) to the Corgi Shop.
  • Fixed Enchantress NPC interaction with shield/weapons.
  • Updated Headgear Vendor NPC/Fashionista to accurately reflect Doctor's Band quest (previously repeated).
  • Updated interaction of Fighting Chant, due to party size increase to 25.
  • Enabled several international language types!
  • Added Paint Brush and Surface Paint to Super Tool Dealer.
  • Reduced price of Cobwebs in the Super Tool Dealer.

How are we doing? Let us know!
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CorgiRO Discussion / Re: Impressions
« Last post by Freyja on Sep 03, 2018, 08:38 AM »
Totally agree on our German corgi-lover :P

Tbh, I am missing proper DPS skill for my Stalker, I can see only some kind of utility skills to choose... I believe it should be somehow balanced: at least one proper DPS skill (that is not nerfed AF :D ), and some other utility ones!

If we take this Triangleshot: better make it level 10 and leave the aftercast cooldown, or let it be level 5-7 but remove aftercast delay/cooldown so it can be spammable as Doublestrafe but a bit more dmg and shorter range? Currently it is just like 15-20% more dmg version of DS with casting time + aftercast delay + half shorter range + 1 arrow more on usage :D

More balanced classes will bring more interest to play and use of MCM as it was intended to be! Otherwise whats the point to try out other classes when you know in advance they have no proper benefits from 3rd job skills?

CorgiRO Discussion / Impressions
« Last post by fraterna on Aug 31, 2018, 06:18 AM »
Well, i was invited here by Corgers over the RMS forums to gice some Impressions, Insight and Brainz.
well, here i go. remember this is a complete subjective point of view.

short info 'bout me:
37 Years old big, fat german (1.90, 110 kg), Playing RO since it was released for the international playerbase. Played official euRO from the first week until the minute it was closed down in 2010, played pServers ever since (still pissed at gravity that they closed euRO).
i almost exclusively played renewal lowrate (1x ~ 10x) servers since it was introduced, and hence it has quite some differences, some things haven't changed at all.
well, that's all about me (oh, one last thing: due my german heritage i might sound harsh/unfriendly most of the time. don't take it personally. we germans tend to not sugarcoat anything: if something's good. we tell you. if something sucks: we tell you. honestly. and in the most professional way.)

1.) Overall Impression
for short: good. the custom quests for headgears and other stuff is quite nice to have: no OP items, hence i haven't checked the valhalla trial items yet.
the idea of "Verus" being a wind-based endgame content similar to thors volcano is very appealing, i just wished there was something like that based on water and earth to complete the 4 base elements. who knows? maybe this would be some future idea for more diverse gameplay...
also the random enchantments of some gears is quite appealing; some way to min/max equipments is something RO only got in the recent years.

2.) Equipability / rates
well, due the quite high overall rates it's not too difficult to get decent equipment. also as stated above: the availiability of some usually-cash-shop-equips by quest is very nice. also not too easy or too hard to get.
only manko i see: the droprates. as i once stated to corgers: any droprate besides cards should never ever be below half of the exp-rate.
it's quite a bit odd that actually the carddrop-rate of all matches the exp-rates, but everything else is WAY less than that. this makes it even more grind-heavy than RO already is; it's a midrate server after all, and droprates should reflect that. if i wanted to play low rates and grind for days and weeks for something, i'd go there.
another small issue: hence corgers reduced the cost, doram equips still are too 'expensive' compared to ways you get em officially. especially when you consider the hard nerfs they got here (compared to the official renewal stats they have).

3.) Skill-Balancing
ok, here we go... this is something i have the most trouble with: the quite high imbalance of learnable 3rd class skills.
it's very obvious that some classes got favoured over other classes in the usefullness of their 3rd-class skills.
AssaX, Champ, LK and Sniper mostly got insane good skills, WS, HP and HW got some decent useful skills, and the whole rest of the classes got more or less utter rubbish.
let me break that down class by class (wrote already something similar to corgers):


assaX: powerful.
- Venom impress: 30% more damage for 30 sec. i'll take it.
- Cross Impact: gives some decent burst dmg with non-katar weaps. great skill
- hallu walk: increases the high assa-flee even more. very useful
- Rolling Cutter: WAY better than meteor assault: no casttime and better damage per SP
- cloaking exceed: somewhat useful: only boss mobs see you in PvM.
conclusion: quite powerful in PvM and PvP

Champ: very powerful.
- Sky Net Blow: spammable high DpS AoE. even the knockback can be very useful
- Lighntning ride: high DpS, if you team up with a bragi-bard, you win.
- Earth Shaker: Huge AoE, even with the extended CD quite strong.
- Lions howl: like Earth shaker: huge AoE, even with the extended CD strong.
- Cursed Circle: quite good in PvP, also even with the high cooldown.
conclusion: DpS-monster. lightning ride needs higher CD

Minstrel/gypsy: mediocre
- Reverberation: quite a decent skill, no idea how it is in pre-renewal due the different matk-calculation.
- dominion implse:  lvl 5? it's like hunter's detonate trap a 1 level skill for Reverberations.
- Severe Rainstorm: the counterpart to your snipers Arrowstorm, so at least they have an AoE skill to lvl now.
- Metallic sound: barely seen someone using it in renewal. might be good in pre-re due different formula
- song of despair: basically a weaker version of ancle snare, not that great for the short duration
conclusion: too much focus on damage instead of inherited support role. Y NO MORE SONGS?

creator: meh (why everone hates em?)
- cart remodeling: useless with only lvl 1. doesn't add much dmg to cart tornado or cart cannon.
- cart tornado: laughable. noone uses it in renewal because of the very poor damage-formula that actually uses str, and genetics /creas usually don't put much str (when i use a maxed genetic in renewal i barely have more than 20-30 str, 1 on crea)  the damage-boost from cart remodeling also is useless due it directly relates to said non-existing strength. 
- Cart cannon: great skill- but not on lvl 1.  usually the to-go skill for every genetic to lvl because it gets dmg from int like acid demo. but lvl 1? not worth the efford to get that skill. lvl 3-4 would be reasonable.
- Blood sucker: nice to troll in PvP. in PvM useless.
- thorn wall: only real useful skill crea's get, even with the expensive catalist.
conclusion: not worth the efford getting these.

Highpriest: Good
- Judex: similar to holy light with AoE effect. useful in similat occasions (so to say: barely due poor dmg-formula).
- Adoramus: basically a single-target version of magnus exorcismus with decent damage-potential. useful.
- Clementina/Cantocand.: better AoE versions of Blessing and agi up: great especially in bigger parties.
- Coluceo Heal: AoE heal with high CD. somewhat useful.
conclusion: good as it is.

High wizz: mediocre.
- white imprison: too high Cooldown in my PoV. 10s would be good with the only 5 sec effect.
- soul expansion: 3x3 AoE 'soulstrike'. even with the CD okish (might be underperforming)
- Comet: debattable. i personally barely use that skill due the high CD and laughable damage for the SP needed.
- Crimson Rock: great DpS, even with the high CD
- Drain life: good. the high CD is ok in my eyes.
conclusion: okish, maybe some CD-tweaking needed.

LK: powerful.
- 100spears: with the right spear devastating: counterpart to spiral pierce. CD makes it somewhat balanced.
- Ignition Break: strong AoE, but the high CD balances it. (no IB/BB/IB/BB spam. phew.)
- Phantom thrust: useless. barely even used in renewal, except to troll party members.
- DB lvl 10? ouch. with the right equips it's insanely strong. no increased CD here? hm...
- sonic wave: i personally barely use it. but can be very strong. guess the high CD makes out for it.
conclusion: very high DpS potential.

Paladin: mostly useless.
- Cannon Spear: mostly useless. barely any RG uses it due the high CD. usually vanishing point and Overbrand is used.
- Pinpoint: lvl 1? absurd. useless in PvE, and only higher levels used in PvP, but with only lvl 1 not worth the efford.
- Earth drive: shield breaks way too often, damage depends on shield-weight and is forced earth ele. useless in PvP where most wear fire armor. might be considerable in verus when the shield is heavy enough.
- Kings Grace lvl 1? barely useful. the high CD removes any usefullness under any circumstances.
- shield press: stronger version of shield charge with no knockback. barely used it in renewal. no idea if worth it here.
conclusion: mostly useless skills comnpared to other classes.

Professor: debattable.
- Psychic wave: good skill- on lvl 5. on lvl 3 it's just somewhat useful.
- summons: in renewal most profs only go for ventus due the passive fixed casttime reduction. maybe in PvP the others have some use for endowing psychic wave, but on the other hand, prof in WoE is barely a DD and focusses on support/debuff.
- elemental control/action:  mandatory for the spirits, so more or less useful. depends if you use em.
- spirit cure:  crap. noone uses it when just resummon it is less dangerous than sacrificing own HP for the spirit.
conclusion: there are more useful skills, especially for partyplay/buff+debuff.

Sniper: very powerful.
- Arrow storm: lvl 10? seriously? one of the highest burst-AoE's in renewal? even without rangers WW-equipset it's strong for basically free. the 10s cooldown isn't that big of an issue. 15s would be more appropriate.
- Fear breeze: gives basically free sidewinder-card effect, very strong with sniper's usually high aspd, adding up to 30% DpS.
- Camouflage: everyone just thinks it's some fancy version of hide- and forgets the cumulative 30 atk-boost it gets each second camouflaged. free 300 atk for an AS volley? i take it.
- Detonator: the only useless skill here due it can't detonate other players traps. useless in PvP, in PvE? maybe in thors 2 to clean up the traps if it works on mobs.
- aimed bolt: also some insane damageskill. ancle snare -> amied bolt might oneshot almost each player in PvP that doesn't have 70-80% reductions, even with only lvl 1.
conclusion: OP compared to many other 3rd class skills.

Stalker: quite weak. (tbh, i don't like playing stalkies. too annoying to level. anyway.)
- triangle shot: lvl 5 is just mediocre. Doublestrafe is spammable has higher DpS. kinda useless.
- Body Painting: i'd go for a horong card, easier to obtain. useless in my eyes, hence the debuffs might be useful in PvP/WoE.
- manhole: troll skill. only lvl 1 with lower duration and higher CD? not worth the efford except you're bored.
- maelstom: mini-LP/ganbatein. the nerfs makes it basically useless.
- feintbomb: fancy version of backsline. not worth the efford due nerfs and poor dmg formula.
conclusion: only one somewhat useful skill, rest is underperforming/useless compared to other 3rd class skills.

WS: ok-ish
- FAW Silversniper: pretty underperforming in renewal, but i think it's pretty good at any lvl in pre-re. good skill
- FAW removal: debattable. why should i remove a FAW except maybe an enemy one in WoE? only reason to get it. why lvl 5? it's like minstel's dominion impulse a 1-level-skill....
- Lava flow: good skill, maybe lvl 2 would be good, but lvl 1 is ok in pre-renewal.
- Axe Boom: lvl 1 is meh. to be on par with other 3rd class skills i'd recommend lvl 4-5.
- Axe tornado: was absolute crap in renewal, but i guess in pre-re it's quite good.
conclusion: good, might need a bit tweaking.


don't forget: i was majorly a renewal-player the last couple of years, and i know those skills from using/not using em in 'natural habitat', not just from looking up the stats/formulae from iroWiki.  thus i can say: it's very imbalanced, even if you consider each jobs role in endgame.

that's all so far ;)
Doram Class / Re: Doram Class
« Last post by fraterna on Aug 16, 2018, 06:56 AM »
uh, i played Doram a bunch now...
as soon my cat is decent leveled/equipped i post some guides.
gotta test stuff through due the weapons were nerfed hard and some equips are unneccessarily tough to get. no idea yet how the cat behaves with all that altered stuff.
News & Announcements / Re: Maintenance Thursday (8/9)
« Last post by Corgers on Aug 09, 2018, 08:18 AM »

Helps us grow with your feedback!
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Hey CorgiRO fans! This week marks a number of graphical updates, including brand spanking new sprites for the Valhalla Arena weapons! Check out the examples below!

Try one today!

This patch also includes bugfixes following last Thursday's content release! As for future development - we're working behind the scenes on features related to advertising and server growth - so stay tuned!

Changelog - August 9, 2018
  • Implemented unique sprites for Valhalla Arena weapons! Enjoy!
  • Several Main Quest warps have been fixed, including Abysmal Knight and Cat O' Nine tails.
  • New Costume Reward Box applies to every account - even ones not newly created!
  • Multi-Class Master now correctly saves EXP between changes.
  • Endless Cellar now has the correct cooldown of 1 week.
  • Endless Cellar reward redemption time following the final boss has been extended (original was 30 seconds).
  • Removed trade/sell restrictions from Nile Rose[1].
  • Removed certain restrictions from Corgi Paws, Corgi Fur Coat, Corgi Cape.
  • Halved Perfect Dodge and ASPD bonuses on Zephyrus Card.
  • Fixed #main and #tradechat.

We're working on adding new costume sprites to our database! Please stay tuned for them in the upcoming patches!

How are we doing? Let us know!
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News & Announcements / Maintenance Thursday (8/9)
« Last post by Corgers on Aug 06, 2018, 11:45 AM »
Maintenance Thursday!

Hey CorgiRO fans! Our maintenance this week will occur on this coming Thursday. Please stay tuned! The update will include a number of fixes, as well as new weapon sprites for the Valhalla Arena weapons!

Scheduled Timing

The maintenance will commence this Thursday, August 9th, 2018 (depending on your timezone) at the following time (converted into different timezones for your convenience!):

EST (US) Timezone: 11:00 AM (Thursday)
GMT +8 (PH) Timezone: 11:00 PM (Thursday)
Central European Timezone: 5:00 PM (Thursday)

Once the maintenance has been completed, this thread will be updated, so be sure to check back after!

Thank you for your patience!

- The CorgiRO Staff
News & Announcements / Re: Maintenance Thursday (8/2)
« Last post by Corgers on Aug 02, 2018, 11:11 AM »

Helps us grow with your feedback!
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Hey CorgiRO fans! This week's update includes the much-anticipated release of our custom, Endless Cellar instance! Endless Cellar is significantly more challenging than Endless Tower - so please come prepared! Players level 90+ can face all 100 levels of doom by taking the Ship Captain's journey to the same island as Endless Tower, where you'll find the Endless Cellar Instance pillar to the East!

Designed by our very own Nyltrix, Endless Cellar will prove challenging even for a full party of maxlevel players! Are you ready to descent 100 floors of back-breaking PvM to face the final boss? Bring it on!!!

Is that really a Final Boss?!?! It's so cute!

Additonally, every account created will now receive our new Costume Reward Box, in preparation for our marketing and advertisement push! Enjoy!

Changelog - August 2, 2018
  • Endless Cellar has been implemented! Find the NPC on the same island as Endless Tower and test your mettle!
  • Implemented a new Costume Reward Box, which now spawns with every new account!
  • Fixed an issue related to Mystic Gems displaying incorrectly.
  • Enchantment NPC's Core Exchange is now separated into equipment locations, to prevent an overflow issue.
  • Fixed an issue where Enchantment NPC timed out if too many items were in a player's inventory.
  • Added "Enchant Up" effect to the Enchantment NPC!
  • Added several additional items to the Enchantment NPC, including Bone Plate[1], Bazerald, Skin of Ventus[1], Composite Bow[4], Leather of Tendrillion[1], and Staff of Piercing.
  • Added Eagle Wing[1] and Morrigane's Manteau to Core Exchange.
  • Belated congratulations to the first party to clear LH4! Please check your RODex mail later this week for a special surprise!

Since next Monday's maintenance is fast approaching, we're extending this week's costume list until the next maintenance! Don't forget to grab yours before they're gone!

Upper Headgear Costumes
  • Costume AFK Sign (20052) (animated)
  • Costume Angelring Fur Hat (20436)
  • Costume Desert Prince (20331)
  • Costume Dragon General Hat (32055)
  • Costume Drooping Gunslinger (20434)
  • Costume Duneyrr Hat (32044)
  • Costume Gloomy Pumpkin Hat (32029) (animated)
  • Costume Niflheim Bunny Hat (20398) (animated)
  • Costume Schmitz Helm (20393)
  • Costume Seraph Wing Helm (20316) (animated)
  • Costume Sky Met (20378)
  • Costume Steampunk Hat (20381)
  • Costume Thanatos Dolor (20403)
  • Costume There Is Something (20409) (animated)
  • Costume Very Cute Doll (20329) (animated)
  • Costume Victory Wing Helm (20386)

Mid Headgear Costumes
  • Costume Blessing of Angels (20404) (animated)
  • Costume Charleston Antenna (20318) (animated)
  • Costume Crow Tengu Mask (20399) (animated)
  • Costume Little Aquarium (20325) (animated)

Lower Headgear Costumes
  • Costume Brown Bouncing Hair (20341)
  • Costume Brown Loose Wave Twin (20342)
  • Costume Brown Straight Ponytail (20340)
  • Costume Mackeral Pike (20328)
  • Costume White Bouncing Hair (20356)
  • Costume White Loose Wave Twin (20370)
  • Costume White Straight Ponytail (20363)
  • Costume Yellow Bouncing Hair (20350)
  • Costume Yellow Loose Wave Twin (20364)
  • Costume Yellow Straight Ponytail (20357)

How are we doing? Let us know!
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