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Maintenance Monday (4/23)

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Maintenance Monday (4/23)
« on: Apr 23, 2018, 12:15 AM »
Maintenance Monday

Hey CorgiRO fans! It's been three weeks since we launched, and everything is going great! We're taking care of bugs and suggestions very gradually in order to provide our players with the best RO gaming experience we could possibly give!

Today we'll introduce a little less new content compared to last week but nevertheless there's still some exciting stuff, that's for sure!

We'll be releasing our fourth batch of costumes! That said, if there are any costumes in the item shop you want, get them before the next maintenance!

The maintenance will commence this Monday, April 23, 2018 (or Tuesday morning, depending on your timezone) at the following time (converted into different timezones for your convenience!):

EST (US) Timezone: 02:00 PM (Monday)
GMT +8 (PH) Timezone: 02:00 AM (Tuesday)
Netherlands Timezone: 08:00 PM (Monday)

The server will be temporarily closed for approximately one hour and thirty minutes. Once the maintenance has been completed, this thread will be updated with a log of paw-some changes/fixes, so be sure to check back after!

Thank you for your patience!

- The CorgiRO Staff
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Re: Maintenance Monday (4/23)
« Reply #1 on: Apr 23, 2018, 11:14 AM »

Helps us grow with your feedback!
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Heya Corgi lovers! After last week's massive patch, we've been studying player feedback, which has been overwhelmingly positive! We'll continue to tweak a few things, while working on new content for future updates!

Today, we are challenging all players to defeat Zephyrus in the new Lightning Dungeon! Defeating him will now unlock a server first achievement for everyone in the first prevailing party - custom green colored playernames that are visible to everyone else!

Defeat Zephyrus to obtain a Green character name for all to see!

Several other key updates this patch: MCM has been hotfixed! Doram MATK weapons have been updated! Banshees now properly have their pre-renewal stats. Gefenia is making a return as a rebalanced zeny cashcow, and Daily Rewards now have image notifications!

Upcoming Future Updates: Updating Daily Quest NPC to provide "monster kill" quests rather than card exchange quests. Costume preview NPC! Investigation into a potential update of various mechanics (such as certain 3rd job skills and Claymore Traps). Investigation into increasing storage and cart sizes. Additional item and fashion item quests to come!

Changelog - April 23, 2018
  • Guild notice no longer displays upon Teleporting in the same map. NOTE: Still (and only) does when changing maps.
  • Updated Celebration Ring to provide correct bonus.
  • Updated Banshees, which incorrectly had Renewal stats.
  • Vagabond Wolf spawnrate adjusted on moc_fild03 (now spawns 10).
  • Updated Mage and Acolyte Emblems to prevent unintended interactions with other classes.
  • Updated Hawkeye Costume (32271) with correct sprite (5680).
  • Added Elven Bow[1] as a drop and Elven Arrow Quiver to Super Tool Dealer.
  • Added additional info to the Event Manager NPC, clarifying in the announcement that players need to head to the Event Manager in order to join certain events (Poring Catcher, Disguise, LMS).
  • Multi-class master bugs have been fixed! Hooray!
  • An issue where extended classes couldn't put points in the second job has been fixed.
  • Certain Special Services, including un-slotting, have their cost reduced! For more details, go check out the 'Special Services' NPC!
  • Certain Doram weapons now have correct MATK values! Still more to come!
  • Added nifty Daily Reward images to accompany updated rewards!
  • Screen shot quality has been improved!
  • The amount of monsters on the first level of the Verus/Wind Dungeon has been reduced.
  • The Cucool monster has been subject to adjustment; The 'Spiral Pierce' skill has been removed, 'Defense Piercing' and 'Thunder breath' has been granted instead. He also does moderately less damage.
  • The Clione monster has been subject to adjustment; His attack speed has been reduced severely and we have slightly reduced the damage he deals.
  • The Winged Salamander monster has been subject to adjustment; He now uses 'Thunderstorm' instead of 'Fire Ball'.
  • New Achievements have been added! Locate the 'Server Achievements' NPC for more information~
  • The 'Mystical Card Album' and 'High Level Weapon Box' drops of the 'Zephyrus' MVP have been increased to it's intended 10% drop rate.
  • The members of the first party to kill the 'Zephyrus' MVP will unlock a green colored nick name, which can be set through the @changecolor commands.

We're introducing our new batch of costumes!

Upper Headgear Costumes

  • Aegir Helm Costume (32005)
  • Aries Crown Costume (32006)
  • Aries Diadem Costume (32007)
  • Baby Desert Wolf Costume (32010)
  • Beanie Costume (20119)
  • Black Tail Ribbon Costume (32019)
  • Duneyrr Hat Costume (32044)
  • Gloomy Pumpkin Hat Costume (32029) (animated)
  • Headscarf Costume (32072)
  • Helmet of the Orc Hero Costume (32200)
  • Lazy Smoke Costume (32078)
  • Palace Guard Cap Costume (32112)
  • Piggy Bank Costume (32117)
  • Raven Cap Costume (32129)
  • Red Beret Costume (20023)
  • Sailor Hat Costume (31059)
  • Skull Cap Costume (32158)
  • Skull Hood Costume (32213)
  • Tendrillion Hat Costume (32167)
  • Torch Crown Costume (32170) (animated)

Mid Headgear Costumes

  • Binoculars Costume (32250)
  • Black Fairy Ears Costume (32252)
  • Machoman Sunglasses Costume (32273)
  • Small Ribbons Costume (32289)
  • Yin Yang Earrings Costume (32295)

Lower Headgear Costumes

  • Blue Poring Bubble Costume (32303) (animated)
  • Cherry Twig in Mouth Costume (32310)
  • Gangster Scarf Costume (32317)
  • Holy Santa's Mustache Costume (32319)
  • Oxygen Mask Costume (32328)

How are we doing? Let us know!
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