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FAQs - Instant Cast/Status Immunity


FAQs - Instant Cast/Status Immunity
« on: Apr 04, 2018, 04:53 AM »
Stat Requirements!

"I'm positively STUNNED by these developments!"

Hey there!

To better streamline gameplay and balance, we’ve modified the stats required for instant cast and certain status immunities. There are two changes:

First, we’ve increased the stat requirement for instant cast and certain status immunities to compensate for our higher stat cap. Instant cast now requires 165 Dex (instead of 150 Dex) and certain status immunities now require 120 Vit/Int (instead of ~100).

Second, we’ve scaled the impact of adding stats, so that adding stat points have a higher impact at the start and a lower impact later. For example, up to 130 total DEX, each point of DEX will provide 0.67% cast time reduction per level. After 130 total DEX, each point of DEX will provide 0.38% cast time reduction. This will ensure that these higher requirements don’t affect low-level players.

X Axis: Status Immunity / Cast Time Reduction | Y Axis: Total Dex/Int/Vit

The same applies to VIT and INT—for example, each VIT up to 80 total VIT will provide 1% stun resistance, and every point of VIT beyond 80 will provide 0.5% stun resistance, totaling 100% at 120 VIT.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on the forums or on Discord!
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