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Maintenance Monday (5/14)

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Maintenance Monday (5/14)
« on: May 13, 2018, 11:24 PM »
Maintenance Monday

Hey CorgiRO fans! Like every week, our scheduled maintenance will be commencing today!

Our developers unfortunately haven't had too much time this week due to working on the new (updated) rAthena revision on our test machine - which we want to be finalized as soon as possible so that we can move it to the public/player machine soon - but regardless we've still managed to implement a few exciting features!

The main attraction of this maintenance will be the release brand new, pupdated full and lite client download(s). Downloading our new files will be required in order to play without issues, but we promise you, it's going to be worth it!
Do note that the new downloads are not online yet, but we'll certainly let you know as soon as they are! :)

We'll be releasing our next batch of costumes! That said, if there are any costumes in the item shop you want, get them before the next maintenance!

The maintenance will commence this Monday, May 14, 2018 (or Tuesday morning, depending on your timezone) at the following time (converted into different timezones for your convenience!):

EST (US) Timezone: 02:00 PM (Monday)
GMT +8 (PH) Timezone: 02:00 AM (Tuesday)
Central European Timezone: 08:00 PM (Monday)

The server will be temporarily closed for approximately one hour. Once the maintenance has been completed, this thread will be updated with a log of paw-some changes/fixes, so be sure to check back after!

Thank you for your patience!

- The CorgiRO Staff
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Re: Maintenance Monday (14/5)
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2018, 12:40 PM »

Helps us grow with your feedback!
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Heya Corgi lovers! We're pushing through a big client update this patch! This means downloading and using the NEW client at the links below!

This new client is REQUIRED to be downloaded, if you do NOT download the new client, you are guaranteed to error out!

[Recommended!] Full Download!
Torrent: Full Client (5-14-2018).rar.torrent

[Recommended!] Lite Download
Torrent: Lite Client (5-14-2018).rar.torrent

Welcome Staff Members!

Welcome our new pack members! These doges will help provide assistance to our community and speed up the development process for new content!

Naryu - Developer (Wiki & Client)
Kitsune - Developer (Coder)
Bunilla - Public Relations & Graphic Artist
Bunnydette - Graphic Artist

We weren't able to hire every qualified applicant, because we received an overload of strong submissions from numerous players, including individuals with extensive prior experience for the positions they've applied for. But we'll reopen applications in the future, and we encourage you to apply again!

Prontera Activities

We're also developing various activities to do around town, such as fishing, advanced professions (in discussion), and others. In the meantime, we've implemented a Fur-tune Machine NPC:

Prizes, in order of increasing probabilities, include:

Costume Loyal Servant of Morocc, Mystical Card Album
Convex Mirror, HE Bubble Gum, 2x Old Card Albums
Jewelry Box, Bubble Gum, Old Card Album, 300% Manual, 10 Corgi Coins
100% Manual, 50% Manual
HD Elunium, HD Oridecon, 2x Token of Siegfried
Various consumables and lottery boxes!

Preview of Costume Loyal Servant of Morocc

Upcoming Future Updates:

Valhalla Arena! Battlegrounds! CorgiRO's very own party finder/instance gather system! Prontera activities! RODex! Custom 150/140 auras! Updating Daily Quest NPCs to provide "monster kill" quests rather than card exchange quests. Investigation into a potential update of various mechanics (such as certain 3rd job skills and Claymore Traps).

Changelog - May 14, 2018
  • As stated above, we're releasing our promised client update! This new client is REQUIRED to be downloaded, if you do NOT download the new client, you are guaranteed to error out!
  • NEW Fur-tune Machine NPC!
  • Storage limit increased to 800.
  • The location of the 'Costume Preview Service' has been changed. He is now located at Prontera 124, 210 near the Branch Rental Room NPC.
  • Stylist optimized, more flexibility for Dorams/Summoners and image links fixed.
  • Fixed duplicated male hair styles.
  • Fixed [24] missing costume names & descriptions.
  • Updated Pawtcher registration link (included in the new DL).
  • Added Paint Brush (ID #6122) and Surface Paint (ID #6123) to Super Tool Dealer for 3000z.
  • Lady Tanee now displays 10% Ranged Damage instead of 5%.
  • Clearer description for Infinite Concentration, Awakening and Berserk Potion.

We're introducing our new batch of costumes!

Upper Headgear Costumes

  • Angelring Fur Hat Costume (20436) (animated)
  • Beelzebub Crown Costume (20302)
  • Bijou Hat Costume (20288)
  • Drooping Kiel Costume (19600)
  • Flapping Angeling Wing Costume (19596) (animated)
  • Gram Peony Costume (20450)
  • Kitsune Mask Costume (19618)
  • Love Chicken Hat Costume (19607) (animated)
  • Monochrome Ribbon Hat Costume (20464)
  • Poring Fedora Hat Costume (19631)
  • Sakura Hairband Costume (20437)
  • Sakura Hat Costume (20284)
  • Seraph Wing Helm Costume (20316) (animated)
  • Sleeper Hat Costume (20293) (animated)
  • Steampunk Hat Costume (20381)
  • There Is Something Costume (20409) (animated)
  • Victory Wing Helm Costume (20386)
  • Wandering Wolf Hat Costume (19598)
  • White and Black Temptation Costume (20449) (animated)
  • Wickebine's Black Cat Ears Costume (19616) (animated)

Mid Headgear Costumes

  • Ice Wing Ears Costume (32272)
  • Little Aquarium (20325) (animated)
  • Pterios Fins (20321)
  • Under Rim Glasses Costume (20286)
  • Valhalla Idol Costume (20459)

Lower Headgear Costumes

  • Bouncing Hair (Black) Costume (20341) (looks more brown to me)
  • Large Ribbon Muffler Costume (20441)
  • Loose Wave Twin (Black) Costume (20342) (looks more brown to me)
  • Straight Ponytail (Black) Costume (20340) (looks more brown to me)
  • Tone of Gold Costume (20440) (animated)

How are we doing? Let us know!
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