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Maintenance Monday (6/11)

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Maintenance Monday (6/11)
« on: Jun 11, 2018, 12:07 AM »
Maintenance Monday!

Hey CorgiRO fans! It's Monday again, which we'll be having our scheduled maintenance later! We have some paw-some content and fixes pending for this pup-date! ;)

Scheduled Timing

The maintenance will commence this Monday, June 11th, 2018 (or Tuesday morning, depending on your timezone) at the following time (converted into different timezones for your convenience!):

EST (US) Timezone: 02:00 PM (Monday)
GMT +8 (PH) Timezone: 02:00 AM (Tuesday)
Central European Timezone: 08:00 PM (Monday)

The server will be temporarily closed for approximately one to two hours. Once the maintenance has been completed, this thread will be updated with a log of paw-some changes/fixes, so be sure to check back after!

Thank you for your patience!

- The CorgiRO Staff
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Re: Maintenance Monday (6/11)
« Reply #1 on: Jun 11, 2018, 12:22 PM »

Helps us grow with your feedback!
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Hey CorgiRO fans! Thank you for supporting us, as always! This week marks the release of our new Lighthalzen content, exciting plans for the War Of Emperium, and a few adjustments to Battlegrounds and the Valhalla Weapons! We've also retained a new developer - FangerZero - who is assisting with improving the Multi-Class Master.

In the meantime, please help us grow! Write us a review for CorgiRO!

Lighthalzen Bio Laboratory F4 and Wolfchev Instance!

Something is rumbling underneath Lighthalzen! Wolfchev, the mad scientist of the Rekenbar Corporation, has escaped the city, leaving an army of alchemic abominations behind. But one mad scientist's garbage is another one's treasure! Explore the new Lighthalzen content/instance today!

Note that we've tweaked a number of drops in Lighthalzen Floor 4 to properly balance them for Pre-Renewal gameplay. These changes are a first iteration, and may ultimately be readjusted again in the future.

War of Emperium Poll!
As announced earlier this month, the War of Emperium is just around the corner! We're currently looking at several different WoE times to accommodate the maximum numnber of players, and we want your feedback via our voting system!

You can find His 'Imperial Majesty' at Prontera 147, 170 (the location previously belonging to the Slot Machine NPC; which has been moved to Prontera 122, 208). He will offer you three times to choose from, the time that has the most votes - by June 25th - will win. You may only vote once per IP address! Please choose wisely!

These times are not set in stone, but the results of the voting will help us best determine how to finalize the WoE system.

Changelog - June 11, 2018
  • Improvements to a number of Valhalla Weapons. Check them out at the Valhalla NPCs!
  • To give them more than one purpose; Valhalla Fragments can now be traded-in at the 'Battlegrounds' NPC!
  • Balancing tweaks to BG items - Siege Muffler, Manteau, Robe, Suit.
  • Teleport Service Provider (the NPC giving hourly announcements in light blue) has been disabled.
  • Star Gladiator, Soul Linker and Super Novices now get an aura upon reaching maximum level.
  • The display for 'Dark Blinder Costume' has been fixed, previously showing as Drooping Cat. This item now also equips in the Costume middle headgear slot like intended, instead of general middle headgear slot.
  • The '5 minute' cool-down message in the Battlegrounds NPC has been fixed/changed to '10 minutes' to correspond to the actual delay.
  • Registration removal option has been added to the Battlegrounds NPC for CA & DTC.
  • Moscovia cards now have a prefix.
  • Aries Crown, Aries Diadem & Kettle Hat have been added to the Fashionista.
  • Party Members increased to 20, it was already increased previously but the change was lost in the update.
  • Teleport menu gets skipped again. (same as above)
  • Guild notification is disabled upon warping within the same map again. (same as above)
  • Fur-Tune machine has been moved up to Prontera 147, 170.
  • Added Vote Poll in-game NPC added to vote for WoE times.
  • Bug has been fixed were targets of collection quests were not recognized through NPCs.
  • The Wolfchev Laboratory (LH4 access quest) is now available! Go and try it out!
  • Players now automatically join the #ally chat upon log in, which allows you to communicate with your Guild alliance members.
  • Skill point removal option has been added into the job master to temporarily tackle an MCM issue that grants you excess skill points. Prompt will only come up if:
    --- You're a Novice High
    --- Already have 'Basic Skill' level 9
    --- Have more than 1 skill point remaining.
  • CorgiRO now supports same-sex marriage! But remember, you still need the required wedding materials!
  • The skill tree now automatically determines the correct required level of 'Spear Mastery' for the Lord Knight's 'Spiral Pierce' skill.
  • Players that reported the moc_para01 view being reverted (to zoomed in) should now have the intended view applied again.
  • Removed the trade restrictions of about 70 headgear items, many of which are available in the Fashionista.

We're introducing a new batch of costumes!

Upper Headgear Costumes
  • Costume Pigeon Hat (20324) (animated)
  • Costume Gryphon Hat (19537) (animated)
  • Costume Angry Black Kitty (19544) (animated)
  • Costume Ayothaya Hat (19557)
  • Costume Tucan Hat (19561)
  • Costume White Musang Hat (19571)
  • Costume Black Musang Hat (19572)
  • Costume Mercury Riser (19570)
  • Costume Heart Wing Hairband (19573) (animated)
  • Costume Drooping Pope Hat (19576) (animated)
  • Costume Red Wind Hat (19579)
  • Costume Secret Zipper (20266)
  • Costume Peguin Cap (20267)
  • Costume Eclipse Family (20268)
  • Costume Beelzebub Crown (20302)
  • Costume Wild Poring Rider (20458)
  • Costume Grim Reaper (32059)
  • Costume Golden Crown Cap (32058)
  • Costume Blue Tiger Hat (32193)
  • Costume Dark Randgris Helm (32197)

Mid Headgear Costumes
  • Costume Charleston Antenna (20318)
  • Costume Devil's Whisper(19542)
  • Costume Red Glasses (19609)
  • Costume Peco Ears (19611)
  • Costume Butterfly Wing Ears (32258)

Lower Headgear Costumes
  • Costume Red Vicious Mind Aura (20407) (animated)
  • Costume Frozen Rose (20235)
  • Costume Lover in Mouth (32323)
  • Costume Water Spellcaster (20448)
  • Costume Hankie in Mouth (32318)

Coming soon to CorgiRO!

A sneak-peak into some of the other projects that are currently being developed!

Endless Cellar

Hundred floors, three hours, one goal. A customized version of the Endless Cellar - which is a more difficult (or impossible some might say!) instance than Endless Tower - will soon make it's appearance at CorgiRO!

How are we doing? Let us know!
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