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Tea Party Debauchery

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Tea Party Debauchery
« on: Jun 28, 2018, 01:09 AM »

Welcome to The Tea Party Debauchery.
We are a group of crazy, loud and enthusiastic people who roam around the vast unknown of CorgiLand.

We make CorgiRO feel like home.

About Us
We are a family who loves to start parties, explore places, meet new people, interact with old ones and have as much fun as we can.
We take pride in knowing each other and forging friendship in game even with other guilds and group of people.
We also love to introduce the basics of the server to new people. We foster friendship from the newest of all and explore stuff with the veteran ones.
We ain't the biggest and strongest but neither are we the smallest or weakest.

Our belief - New friends mean more adventures.

Our core activities include (but are not limited to) - Leveling parties, Server Research, Instance raids and Quest completions. We also plan to finish all possible server achievements and firsts. We also do role plays! Anything that smells fun we do!
Tea Party Debauchery is a family - We mostly come from a certain time zone but we play at really random times. We slack together and kill stuff together.
Joining Us
dooopty doot.. still thinking and updooting...
I think just be friendly or be a new player or just talk to us and you can snag an invite or if you came from another guild and can't leave it we would be happy to give you a level 1 access or even an Honorary Title in case you are super dooper close to us.
In short, we are accepting players with the following features:
Willingness to go through AFKs and wild parties!
Ability to contribute in the server!
Friendly and believe in teamwork!
Active (or Actively AFKing)!
If you are interested in joining our family, drop by Aldebaran Town and speak to Idyll, Solin or Salmon Carbonara

By the way here is our Discord Channel/Party Organizing Channel/Chaos Room if you can't find us anywhere:

Welcoming you home,
Party Monster, Lord of Havoc, Slave of TroubleMaker, #mainWhore, Follower of the Church of Eldgrim, Friend of Jello the Marina, Professional AFKer, Bachelor of Arts Major in Sitting in the floor, One of the three founding members of Tea Party, First and Only of his name.

unedited. will still update. no pics dangit. be back soooooper soon. #FIIIIIIIRST
Change your perspective--and the reality changes.
Hi my IGN is Idyll and I'm accompanied by my Lif named Minna.
I bring noise to the town and I'am everyone's friend.

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Re: Tea Party Debauchery
« Reply #1 on: Sep 24, 2018, 10:45 AM »
Are you guys still active in the server?

Just joined today, looking to make new friends. ;)