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A Cook's Adventure Log

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A Cook's Adventure Log
« on: Jul 01, 2018, 10:59 PM »
Adventure Log N101

Why exactly would a peaceful, mostly herbivore and island-locked green turtle be "attacking travelers"?

I mean, really.

Certainty eludes me, even though so was what the bright orange/whiteish canine affirmed, as it barked me into doing a number on their numbers.

Eh, why not.

Mayhap it craves some turtle soup. It does sound like a familiar recipe from back home, perhaps, even though it isn't in any of the five books Mr. Orleans provided, nor in the sixth that kind Orc Lady's corpse was willing to pass on. Guess it's not happenning.

Rest her beautiful... Soul.

Aaah, I want to get cooking already.

That's my reason for getting into this business in the first place. The angel sure is helpful. Shame it decided I needed to cool down a little since Adventure Log N 99, so I let go of that nice sword I found after poking around the Tea Party's storage in favor of that nice hypnotic staff also loaned (without proper warning) from there.

Hope Idyll doesn't come back to chide me about it. At least I left the other, still slotted sword you know~ for now

Stunning, are not they rather?

He told me he'd try the not-particularly-religious approach as he sniped things from a distance, but honestly, I don't think the callous shooting fingers he's developing are that important for pan-handling.

Must be great for actually getting his hands on the rawstuff foodstuffs though. Siigh~.

As another shellfully oversized victim flipped belly up before me, I can strangely feel myself, if just a tiny little bit, more apt at handling the aforementioned pan. Around 0,60% so, I'd say. Sunday is indeed my venturing day.

So close. Tempestra better still have it in stock once I'm done.

Said awareness was the reason one such as I durdled and halted production. It just feels so bad seeing those ingredients you not-yet-so-painstankingly gathered go to waste.

But after hearing out the old, smelly, drunken dockhand mister's advice on how to reach the "Aptly-named Island", some random blabber around the port immediately piqued my interest.

A passerby, going right besides Elin (the doll enthusiast and daughter of the wealthiest candy entrepreneur in town) , addresses his peer with doubt on a particular legend: an eyepatch-like apparatus that rather increased one's vision, alongside one's awareness and body coordination. A gift from Valhalla, the other confided. Cooking, my subconscious heard.

Her passion becomes quite unnerving after a while.

Similar info came into my wide contact network a few months back. According to the canine's transcript (so much for being wide, here also it connects to my affairs), a certain elderly couple from the floating historical settlement have a couple of clues on reaching the land of the Gods.

Is it real? How would one even get there? Which path would such a challenge take? Who would be willing to face such a scarcely-planned endeavor with a lousy, ill-prepared cook? Would that cheeky Guardian Angel be there? When did dogs develop such fine pensmanship? Do gods enjoy Tea Parties?

I suppose it warrants further investigation.

Oh. Oh my.

There flips the last greeny.


Some Green Salad sounds pretty good right about now.

With rather large hopes,

Yururu Well

Traveling Cook, Survivor of the Brasilis Purge, War of Emperium Oversleeping Absentee and Debauchery Tea Party's Iron Chef.

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Re: A Cook's Adventure Log
« Reply #1 on: Jul 02, 2018, 12:25 AM »
Ahhhhhh that's our cheffy <3 *Throws in more ingredients* (Thinks of more food) I'mma throw in Lunakaligo's if only they added %Success Chance.

P.S.: I love the way this story goes. So proud of ma friends  ;)
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