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FAQs - Multi-Classing System!

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FAQs - Multi-Classing System!
« on: Feb 08, 2018, 10:06 PM »
CorgiRO's Multi-Classing System

CorgiRO provides a unique class progression system for players who want to continue adventuring after reaching maxlevel.

I. What is Multi-Classing?

Transcendent/expanded class characters who reach level 100 can talk to the Multi-Class Master to save their character progress and start anew as a 1/1 Character - to train another class on the same character. Characters who multi-class will receive a Class Emblem (described in detail below) based on the class they have completed (i.e., Lord Knights and Paladins will receive a Swordsman Emblem upon multi-classing).

Multi-class characters can quickly return to any former class (returning to a saved character) by speaking with the Multi-Class Master at Prontera (166,177) - their current class progress will also be saved:


Characters who return to a former class can revert again to training their current class character by speaking to the Multi-Class Master and choosing the "Return to training." option.

II. What are Class Emblems?

The Multi-Class Master will give you the option of progressing to another class. If you accept, you will revert to a 1/1 Novice with 48 available stat points. You will also forget the stats and skills obtained from your former class.

Additionally, reaching the maximum level in each class will grant you with that class's specific Emblems (as further detailed below):

  • Champions and High Priests will be reborn and receive the Acolyte Emblem.
  • Snipers, Clowns, and Gypsies will be reborn and receive the Archer Emblem.
  • High Wizards and Professors will be reborn and receive the Mage Emblem.
  • Creators and Whitesmiths will be reborn and receive the Merchant Emblem.
  • Lord Knights and Paladins will be reborn and receive the Swordsman Emblem.
  • Assassin Crosses and Stalkers will be reborn and receive the Thief Emblem.

Each emblem can only be obtained once. Each Emblem increases droprates from Boss monsters by 5%, up to a total of +30% from 6 Emblems. This bonus stacks - a 20% Boss item drop will become an 21% Boss item drop with 1 Emblem or 26% Boss item drop with 6 Emblems.

Acolyte Emblem:
MDEF +1, Healing Power +3%, enables use of Level 1 [Heal], +5% to Boss droprate.

Archer Emblem:
HIT +5%, Ranged Attack Power +1%, enables use of Level 3 [Owl's Eye], +5% to Boss droprate.

Mage Emblem:
After-Cast Delay -5%, INT +3, enables use of Level 5 [Increase Spiritual Power], +5% to Boss droprate.

Merchant Emblem:
Movement Speed +5%, LUK +3, enables use of Level 1 [Loud Exclamation], +5% to Boss droprate.

Swordsman Emblem:
DEF +1, Physical Attack Power +1%, enables use of Level 5 [Magnum Break], +5% to Boss droprate.

Thief Emblem:
Perfect Dodge +3, AGI +3, enables use of Level 5 [Steal], +5% to Boss droprate.
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