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FAQs - Multi-Classing System!

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FAQs - Multi-Classing System!
« on: Feb 08, 2018, 10:06 PM »
CorgiRO's Multi-Classing System

CorgiRO provides a unique class progression system for players who want to continue adventuring after reaching maxlevel.

I. What is Multi-Classing?

Transcendent/expanded class characters who reach level 100 can talk to the Multi-Class Master to save their character progress and start anew as a 1/1 Character - to train another class on the same character. Characters who multi-class will receive a Class Emblem (described in detail below) based on the class they have completed (i.e., Lord Knights and Paladins will receive a Swordsman Emblem upon multi-classing).

Multi-class characters can quickly return to any former class (returning to a saved character) by speaking with the Multi-Class Master at Prontera (166,177) - their current class progress will also be saved:


Characters who return to a former class can revert again to training their current class character by speaking to the Multi-Class Master and choosing the "Return to training." option.

II. What are Class Emblems?

The Multi-Class Master will give you the option of progressing to another class. If you accept, you will revert to a 1/1 Novice with 48 available stat points. You will also forget the stats and skills obtained from your former class. In exchange, your 1/1 Novice will receive 1 of 6 class Emblems (as further detailed below) based on your previous class:

  • Champions and High Priests will be reborn and receive the Acolyte Emblem.
  • Snipers, Clowns, and Gypsies will be reborn and receive the Archer Emblem.
  • High Wizards and Professors will be reborn and receive the Mage Emblem.
  • Creators and Whitesmiths will be reborn and receive the Merchant Emblem.
  • Lord Knights and Paladins will be reborn and receive the Swordsman Emblem.
  • Assassin Crosses and Stalkers will be reborn and receive the Thief Emblem.

Each emblem can only be obtained once. Each Emblem increases droprates from Boss monsters by 5%, up to a total of +30% from 6 Emblems. This bonus stacks - a 20% Boss item drop will become an 21% Boss item drop with 1 Emblem or 26% Boss item drop with 6 Emblems.

Acolyte Emblem:
MDEF +1, Healing Power +3%, enables use of Level 1 [Heal], +5% to Boss droprate.

Archer Emblem:
HIT +5%, Ranged Attack Power +1%, enables use of Level 3 [Owl's Eye], +5% to Boss droprate.

Mage Emblem:
After-Cast Delay -5%, INT +3, enables use of Level 5 [Increase Spiritual Power], +5% to Boss droprate.

Merchant Emblem:
Movement Speed +5%, LUK +3, enables use of Level 1 [Loud Exclamation], +5% to Boss droprate.

Swordsman Emblem:
DEF +1, Physical Attack Power +1%, enables use of Level 5 [Magnum Break], +5% to Boss droprate.

Thief Emblem:
Perfect Dodge +3, AGI +3, enables use of Level 5 [Steal], +5% to Boss droprate.
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