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Maintenance Monday (7/23)

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Maintenance Monday (7/23)
« on: Jul 21, 2018, 11:05 AM »
Maintenance Monday!

Hey CorgiRO fans! We have another scheduled maintenance this coming Monday. Rather than new content, during this maintenance we will fix a few bugs that have been troubling our players for a while, which is equally - if not much more - valuable!

Scheduled Timing

The maintenance will commence this Monday, July 23th, 2018 (or Tuesday morning, depending on your timezone) at the following time (converted into different timezones for your convenience!):

EST (US) Timezone: 02:00 PM (Monday)
GMT +8 (PH) Timezone: 02:00 AM (Tuesday)
Central European Timezone: 08:00 PM (Monday)

Once the maintenance has been completed, this thread will be updated, so be sure to check back after!

Thank you for your patience!

- The CorgiRO Staff

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Re: Maintenance Monday (7/23)
« Reply #1 on: Jul 23, 2018, 11:30 AM »

Helps us grow with your feedback!
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Hey CorgiRO fans! This week's update includes a number of anticipated patches! Foremost among those is our new and exclusive Enchantment System! You can learn each and every detail in the most recent Corgers's Journal entry, here:

Enchantment System!

The Core Enchantress

The brand new item enchantment system is here! Exclusive to CorgiRO, you'll be able to personalize specific armors, weapons, and other items with 3 random bonuses using the Core Enchantress NPC!

Cores, Cores, and More Cores!

These Cores can be obtained through the Core Enchantress by breaking down a number of MVP equipments! We expect this system will add significant replayability for item hunting, while creating a secondary item market at the same time!

The same system allow playerss to enchant the Wing costumes available through the WoE NPC (Wing Cores being obtainable through WoE Badges). Eventually, players will be able to enchant their Class Emblems as well, which are obtained from the Multi-Class Master (Emblem Cores being obtainable through additional training and EXP gain)!

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Coming Up Next Week!

A sneak-peak into what's coming up next week!

Endless Cellar!

Next week, we'll be releasing the brand new, customized Endless Cellar dungeon instance - created by our very own Nyltrix! One hundred floors, three hours, one goal. Will you survive the descent?

Changelog - July 23, 2018
  • Enchantress NPC in Prontera! Check her out!
  • Added new "Core" items for the Enchantment system!
  • Updated database so that "Core" items can't be accidentally dropped or sold (can be traded/stored though).
  • Based on reports from players and additional internal testing, Cursed Circle has been updated with a reduced duration and increased cooldown.
  • Added "Wing Core" to the Guild NPC.
  • Updated Class Emblems so that they show up as "Equipment" type items, in advance of incorporating them into the Enchantment System.
  • Adjusted MDEF values on Valhalla helms - they now provide 15.
  • Fixed a number of incorrect mapflag values.
  • Removed CorgiRO Staff from castle holder list.
  • Replaced HD Ori/Elu castle drops with Treasure Boxes that can be traded.
  • Implemented various elements related to the upcoming Endless Cellar instance dungeon!
  • The Last Doge Standing (automated event) that commences at 13:00, has been switched for the Poring Catcher event. The other Last Doge Standing that commences at 01:00 remains unchanged.

We're introducing a new batch of costumes!

Upper Headgear Costumes
  • Costume AFK Sign (20052) (animated)
  • Costume Angelring Fur Hat (20436)
  • Costume Desert Prince (20331)
  • Costume Dragon General Hat (32055)
  • Costume Drooping Gunslinger (20434)
  • Costume Duneyrr Hat (32044)
  • Costume Gloomy Pumpkin Hat (32029) (animated)
  • Costume Niflheim Bunny Hat (20398) (animated)
  • Costume Schmitz Helm (20393)
  • Costume Seraph Wing Helm (20316) (animated)
  • Costume Sky Met (20378)
  • Costume Steampunk Hat (20381)
  • Costume Thanatos Dolor (20403)
  • Costume There Is Something (20409) (animated)
  • Costume Very Cute Doll (20329) (animated)
  • Costume Victory Wing Helm (20386)

Mid Headgear Costumes
  • Costume Blessing of Angels (20404) (animated)
  • Costume Charleston Antenna (20318) (animated)
  • Costume Crow Tengu Mask (20399) (animated)
  • Costume Little Aquarium (20325) (animated)

Lower Headgear Costumes
  • Costume Brown Bouncing Hair (20341)
  • Costume Brown Loose Wave Twin (20342)
  • Costume Brown Straight Ponytail (20340)
  • Costume Mackeral Pike (20328)
  • Costume White Bouncing Hair (20356)
  • Costume White Loose Wave Twin (20370)
  • Costume White Straight Ponytail (20363)
  • Costume Yellow Bouncing Hair (20350)
  • Costume Yellow Loose Wave Twin (20364)
  • Costume Yellow Straight Ponytail (20357)

How are we doing? Let us know!
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