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Corgers's Journal - Vol. III, Valhalla Trials

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Corgers's Journal - Vol. III, Valhalla Trials
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:53 AM »
Corgers's Journal - Vol. III

An intimate look into the adventures of Rune Migard's guardian spirit.

Valhalla Trials

Our craftsmen and women have forged many of the finest weapons ever made. However, these items are borne from mankind's furnaces - and they would shatter if turned against the Old Gods and their magic. Our only chance was hidden somewhere in ancient texts; some antique scroll that might reveal how Kronos was defeated a millenia ago.

I rode an airship to the Schwarzwald Republic, where I came upon the floating city of Yuno and its Great Library. Elbow-to-furry-elbow with scholars who had come to learn about our civilization's ancient secrets, I scoured the library halls until I found the oldest manuscripts among its towering aisles.

One manuscript in particular piqued my interest - a worn collection of parchment pages with the heading: "Architectural Records from the El Mes Plateau." Halfway in, I found a diagram illustrating an old archeological site beneath Yuno. The site had apparently been used as a testing ground for warriors seeking glory in the name of Valhalla. Etched into its center was the impossibly realistic sketch of a Valkyrie's sword and shield.

I ran my paw across the drawing of the pommel until I touched the blade, and felt it cut into my fur like a razor. I quickly pulled back, but it was too late - blood from my open wound splattered onto the ancient text. I had found what I was looking for. According to the diagram, these arena ruins were located underneath the current President's Office in Northwestern Yuno.

I rushed over to that building. My nose immediately took me to a couple standing in the Western wing of the President's Office:

Wise Man & Even Wiser Woman
(yuno_pre 33,68)

The couple appeared innocent at first glance. However, they shared the same scent as the ancient manuscript from the Great Library. This was because they were guarding an ancient secret - a blueprint to Valhalla, which I am now sharing with you. Find them with your strongest companions, and let them know that I sent you to prove yourself worthy of their trial.

May the Norse gods favor you in your battles to come, adventurer.


Today marks the release of our Valhalla Arena! In order to access the Valhalla Arena, players will need to organize a party of 6 members, each equipped with 6 Valhalla Key Fragments. Remember, this is a difficult arena, so make sure to come prepared!

You will only have 30 minutes to clear the challenge! But once you do, you'll be transported to Valhalla, where you'll be able to craft some of the most unique (and most challenging) items in the game!

This experience is subject to additional revisions and balancing! Please give it a try!
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