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Corgers's Journal - Vol. IV.

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Corgers's Journal - Vol. IV.
« on: Jul 23, 2018, 11:23 AM »
Corgers's Journal - Vol. IV

An intimate look into the adventures of Rune Migard's guardian spirit.

The Enchantress

(Prontera 147, 164)

"Her beauty was power come to life; her smile - its sword."

Adventurers had given her many titles throughout the ages, but those familiar with her works knew her only as "The Enchantress." True to her name, she stole men's hearts by the thousands. Old Schwarzwald manuscripts chronicled wars waged over her beauty and talents. I was interested in the latter.

Her name was both a blessing and a curse. While she had the ability to charm men (and some women) with a glance, her physical touch releases a violent, destructive energy upon contact. As a result, she could infuse some inanimate objects with great power. Others will crumble in her hands - being reduced to their "Core" essence:

I leave you with this knowledge, adventurer, in hopes that it will aid you in the war against Kronos and his brothers. May the Norse gods favor you in your battles to come.


This week marks the release of the seductive Enchantress and our exclusive Random Enchantment System!

In exchange for a "Core" + elemental stone + 100,000 zeny, the Enchantress can "power-up" certain equipment with 3 random enchantment bonuses! Remember, these enchantments are random - so it may take several attempts to get the stats you want!

  • Headgears: Require 1 crimson Helmet Core + 10 Red Blood + 100,000z
  • Armors: Require 1 purple Armor Core + 1 Great Nature + 100,000z
  • Garments: Require 1 deep blue Armor Core + 1 Mystic Frozen + 100,000z
  • Weapons & Shields: Require 1 pink Gauntlet Core + 1 Flame Heart + 100,000z
  • Boots: Require 1 green Boot Core + 10 Green Live + 100,000z
  • Wings: Require 1 silver Wing Core + 10 Battle Badges + 100,000z

Possible random enchantments vary depending on the item type enchanted:

  • Weapon/Shield Enchantments: +10 ATK/MATK/HIT, +1% damage to Boss/Human/various elemental property targets, +1% Healing Power.
  • Headgear/Armor/Garment/Boot Enchantments: +1 STR/AGI/VIT/INT/DEX/LUK, +10 FLEE, +1% Boss damage reduction, and a number of miscellaneous attributes.
  • Wing Enchantments: +1 STR/AGI/VIT/INT/DEX/LUK, +10 FLEE, +1% Healing Power, +1% Boss/Human damage reduction, +1% Boss/Human/Holy damage, and a number of miscellaneous attributes.

In the example below, our seductive Enchantress has enchanted Pembroke's Luxury Doram Suit with +1 STR, +1 LUK, and +10 FLEE!

Woof, woof! I'm lovin' it!

Enchant-able Equipment

The Enchantress can power-up the following items - note that you must have the item equipped for the Enchantress to recognize it! Enchantments have a 100% success rate, and all items will retain their cards and refinements!

Headgears:          Armors:          Garments:
Dark Bacilium[1]
Feather Beret
Gigantic Baphomet Horns
Gigantic Majestic Goat
Ship Captain's Hat[1]
Ulle's Cap[1]
All Valhalla Trial headgears
          Diabolus Armor[1]
Diabolus Robe[1]
Elegant Doram Suit[1]
Fire Armor[1]
Luxurious Doram Suit[1]
Private Doram Suit[1]
Siege Plate[1]
Siege Robe[1]
Siege Suit[1]
Sniping Suit[1]
Wind Armor[1]
Valkyrie Armor[1]
          Elegant Doram Manteau[1]
Flame Manteau[1]
Leather of Tendrillion[1]
Luxurious Doram Manteau[1]
Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb[1]
Private Doram Manteau[1]
Siege Manteau[1]
Siege Muffler[1]
Skin of Ventus[1]
Survivor's Manteau
Valkyrie Manteau[1]

Weapons:          Shields:          Boots:
Combat Knife
Composite Bow[4]
Death's Dance[3]
Elven Bow[1]
Hurricane Fury[1]
Ice Pick
Ice Pick[1]
Ledger of Death[2]
Staff of Destruction[1]
Staff of Piercing[1]
Tae Goo Lyeon[2]
Thorn Staff of Darkness
All Valhalla Trial weapons
          Giant Shield[1]
Gorgon Shield[1]
Sacred Mission[1]
Stone Buckler[1]
Tournament Shield[1]
Valkyrie Shield[1]
          Diabolus Boots[1]
Elegant Doram Shoes[1]
Lightning Boots
Luxurious Doram Shoes[1]
Private Doram Shoes[1]
Valkyrian Shoes[1]
Variant Shoes
All Valhalla Trial footwear

In addition, all Costumes obtained from the War Of Emperium (i.e., Costume: Fallen Angel Wings and Costume: Angel Wings) will also be enchant-able, making them 1-of-a-kind!

Core Exchange Items

The following items can be exchanged for their respective "Cores" - note that the Enchantress will only accept uncarded and unrefined items for the exchange!
Helmet Cores:          Armor Cores:          Garment Cores:
Baby Dragon Hat[1]
Bone Head[1] (2 Cores)
Dark Bacilium[1] (2 Cores)
Ulle's Cap[1]
          Diabolus Armor[1] (2 Cores)
Diabolus Robe[1] (5 Cores)
Fire Armor[1] (3 Cores)
Sniping Suit[1]
Wind Armor[1] (5 Cores)
Valkyrie Armor[1] (2 Cores)
          Diabolus Manteau[1]
Eagle Wing[1]
Flame Manteau[1] (2 Cores)
Leather of Tendrillion[1]
Morrigane's Manteau
Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb[1] (5 Cores)
Survivor's Manteau
Valkyrie Manteau[1]

Gauntlet Cores:          Boot Cores:          Wing Cores
Combat Knife (2 Cores)
Hunting Spear[1]
Hurricane Fury[1]
Ice Pick (2 Cores)
Ledger of Death[2]
Staff of Destruction[1]
Tae Goo Lyeon[2]
Thorn Staff of Darkness
Giant Shield[1] (5 Cores)
Sacred Mission[1]
Tournament Shield[1]
Valkyrie Shield[1]
          Diabolus Boots[1]
Lightning Boots
Valkyrian Shoes[1]
Variant Shoes (3 Cores)
          War Badges
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