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Mid-September Update! (9/14)

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Mid-September Update! (9/14)
« on: Sep 14, 2018, 10:48 AM »

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Hey CorgiRO fans! We've been working on a number of updates and bugfixes. You may have noticed some of them - including NPC updates to Prontera and the newly released Taekwon/Soul Linker/Star Gladiator Valhalla item (we are currently updating the client-side sprite for that)! We will also be releasing a new and improved Multi-Class Master in a few days.

NEW Technicolor Cloak!

Additionally, the War of Emperium timing has been updated to a timezone that we believe will promote activity from international regions, including Russia and the Philippines. WoE will now occur a few hours hourly on Saturdays, at the following:

11:00 AM Server Time (EST) | 23:00 Philippines Time (PH) | 18:00 Moscow Time (RU).

Now get out there and sharpen your swords (and paws)! Please stay tuned for additional updates!

Changelog - September 14, 2018
  • War of Emperium time has been updated to 11:00 AM Server Time on Saturday!
  • Internally testing updated Multi-Class Master to prevent the possibility of skill point loss!
  • New Technicolor Cloak item, obtainable from the Valhalla Arena NPCs by the Taekwon/Soul Linker/Star Gladiator classes.
  • Updated Valhalla Weapon NPC to accurately recognize Taekwon/Soul Linker/Star Gladiator classes.
  • Updated sprite for the Troublemaker (now Trickster) NPC!
  • Based on player feedback, moved Smile Assistance and Guide NPCs in Prontera.
  • Based on player feedback, Valhalla NPC crafting restrictions on weapons have been removed! Each player can now craft multiple Valhalla weapons (previously capped at 1).
  • Resolved an issue where Runestaff and Elder Tome were being mismatched.
  • Added Hunter's Bow to Super Tool Dealer.
  • Added 5 different Shurikens to Super Tool Dealer for Ninja classes.
  • Gryphon monster's attack damage has been halved, due to appearance on the Main Quest.
  • Reduced zeny and item requirements on multiple Doram item quests.
  • Doram weapons have their bonuses improved!
  • Added Repair Box (10) to the Corgi Shop.
  • Fixed Enchantress NPC interaction with shield/weapons.
  • Updated Headgear Vendor NPC/Fashionista to accurately reflect Doctor's Band quest (previously repeated).
  • Updated interaction of Fighting Chant, due to party size increase to 25.
  • Enabled several international language types!
  • Added Paint Brush and Surface Paint to Super Tool Dealer.
  • Reduced price of Cobwebs in the Super Tool Dealer.

How are we doing? Let us know!
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