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CorgiRO is a new, Pre-Renewal Mid-Rate Ragnarok Online custom server dedicated to putting the "paw" back in "paw-some". We offer up-to-date gameplay (if you're looking for official content), as well as our own CorgiRO custom content for players to discover. Our staff hails from the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and we welcome players from all regions. Join the pack for the cuteness overload, and stay for the balanced game mechanics, exclusive content, new cities, challenging dungeons, updated instances, and more!

General Information


  • Exp Rates: 50x/50x (75/75x during the weekend)
  • Drop Rates:
    • MVP Cards (0.5%)
    • MVP Drops (10x)
    • Equipment(20x)
    • Consumables (10x)
  • Max Level/Job: 150/70
  • Max Stats: 130
  • Max ASPD: 190
  • Instant Cast: 165 Dex

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Server Specials

Daily Rewards Daily Quests Main Quest
Mystic Gems Multi-Classing Referral System
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