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Slot Machine - Prontera (prontera 147,170)

Feeling lucky? Spend your fortune to Fur-tune Machine! It is a custom NPC located in Prontera that generously awards the player with random item. Each play will cost 2 Goldcoin.gif Corgi Coin. Be warn, it is all depend on the player's luck. Not LUK.

Costume Rewards

Name Image
Costume Loyal Servant Of Devil MoroccCostume Loyal Servant Of Devil Morocc

Consumable & Miscellenous Rewards

  • Cardalbum.gif Mystical Card Album
  • 12214.gif Convex Mirror
  • 12264.gif HE Bubble Gum
  • Cardalbum.gif Old Card Album
  • 12106.gif Jewelry Box
  • 12264.gif Bubble Gum
  • 12208.gif Field Manual 300%
  • Goldcoin.gif Corgi Coin
  • 12208.gif Field Manual 100%
  • 12208.gif Battle Manual 50%
  • 6316.gif Token of Siegfried
  • 7619.gif HD Elunium
  • 6910.gif HD Oridecon
  • 607.gif Yggdrasil Berry
  • 608.gif Seed of Yggdrasil Berry
  • 604.gif Branch of the Dead
  • 617.gif Old Purple Box
  • 603.gif Old Blue Box
  • 644.gif Gift Box
  • 664.gif Gift Box (Red)
  • 665.gif Gift Box (Yellow)
  • 666.gif Gift Box (Blue)
  • 667.gif Gift Box (Green)