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Welcome to the CorgiRO Wiki!


Page is under construction.... If you'd like to contribute, please message Naryu or Nyltrix in Discord.

Curently there is 121,823 pages, 416 articles, 104 files, growing more and more!

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News & Events
Wiki Updates
Corger's Journal III
Valhalla Trials
Valhalla Trials

Our craftsmen and women have forged many of the finest weapons ever made. However, these items are borne from mankind's furnaces - and they would shatter if turned against the Old Gods and their magic. Read more -->
Corger's Journal II
Nightmares of Lightning
Nightmares of Lightning

The ancient ruins of Verus had . . . changed, ever since the return of Kronos and his brethren. Powerful lightning overhead, without a cloud in sight. Read more -->
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